Better By Bolly

When it comes to the high-life the Bollinger experience is “up there” and you can have a taste of that with some excellent company on the 8th July at The Cambridge Roar at the Bollinger Dinner.

As part of the charity fund-raising festival of fun, Alastair Fleming of Mentzendorrf will be sharing his notes and nose with you at Quy Mill Hotel and Spa.

Alastair has a wealth of experience in the wine trade, having started in 2002 straight from Uni. After 10 years working in retail and then selling wine to restaurants Alastair accepted a position with Mentzendorff aka Champagne Bollinger, which combines his twin passions of drinking and talking about Champagne!

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

For a mere £50 you can have the finest dining experience accompanied by a different Bollinger moment with each course. Alastair will guide you through tasting notes for each liquid course you try and after your meal will steer you toward the 007-themed casino to see what really happens when the chips are down.

To book yourself (or friends) a slice of the Bollinger lifestyle, go to knowing that you’re supporting local charity work in the area at the same time.


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